Can anyone post a picture of their pursket in their bag?

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  1. I thought it would be fun to see what colors/styles people have placed in their LV bags!
  2. HI! I wonder where yo buy the pursekets and how much? is is available in LV store too?
  3. Here's my large red purseket in my damier speedy 30. btw, you can order them from and also on e-bay.
    Picture 550.jpg Picture 551.jpg
  4. not a fan of the pursekets but, maybe if I see some good pics I will change my mind...IMO for your speedy I would go with a solid colour because when you open it and you have a busy pattern and then the monogram canvas it may look like too much...a red purseket would be nice but, then again I like is like the daimer lining so dreamy....
  5. Have you ever tried one? I didn't think they looked very good either until I got one. It's hard to take good pics of the inside of a speedy. It's great for keeping all the little things like lip gloss, etc. from rolling around. I also like that it gives the speedy just a little shape on the sides. I agree about having a solid color. The red one I got is exactly the same red as inside the damier speedy.
  6. actually this one is do you get it from falling seems to stay in place along the sides...I expected it to be more floppy..suprised...
  7. These do seem so much better than the floppy ones I have seen that people make themselves...Now those remind me of a granny thing! lol
  8. now I think I want one in red...I do not need one but, it would be a nice lining colour provided it does not flop all over the place...also it protects your existing lining and keeps it like new....
  9. I agree...the ones that I have seen have been hideous patterns:P and big and floppy...this is a pleasant suprise:shrugs: ....not tacky at all:yahoo:
  10. It actually has a thin plastic insert that goes all around it. You roll it up and put it in your speedy and it just springs out and you arrange it how you want it. It's a flexible plastic, but it does not lay down at all.
  11. there is a stiff material in there that keeps it standing up. also the other bigger items in the middle keep it standing.
  12. Good to know! I liked Garden Circles but wonder if it is too busy? Any suggestions for a mono speedy 25?
  13. check out this thread for ideas.
    there are a ton of pic's. pursekets??
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