can anyone pls post pics of the small and large quilted multipockets?

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  1. i need a comparison... im waiting for the new cobalt blue to arrive and dont know whether to get the large or small multipocket.... and also, does anyone know the price difference and also the dimensions? thankssssssss!! :yes:
  2. Unlike F/W 2005's QUILTED Multipocket (available in both sizes), S/S 2007's QUILTED Mutlipocket ($1095USD) only comes in 1 size (9.5 x 9 x 5").

    F/W 2005's QUILTED Multipocket and Large Multipocket are $1100USD and $1300USD respectively. If you are interested in these, MJ_store in LA still have some of the colors; you can ask Stella to take pictures for you.

    I only have the measurements of SOFT CALF Multipockets handy.
    LG MULTIPOCKET: 13 x 11 x 5"
    MULTIPOCKET: 9.5 x 9 x 5"
  3. thanks for your help baglover... so the 2007 multipocket comes in the smaller size then? has it gone down a bit in price as well?

    baglover have u seen the new cobalt blue?
  4. is the one kate moss uses the small one? and the one vanessa carlton has is the big one?
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  6. From the S/S 07 look book, Quilted Multipocket only comes in the smaller size. Yes, it is $5USD less than F/W 05's Quilted MP.

    I have only seen pictures of S/S 07's QUILTED styles in Blue in the Look Book; the real life color often doesn't look the same as those shown on various websites (including official site or LVR) or LB. The QUILTED items will be in stores around 1/07-2/07, MJ boutiques usually get theirs before others. If you don't have a SA, you can contact MJ_LA's Stella at 323-653-5148; PM me if you would like to contact her via e-mail. Ask her to contact you as soon as your bags of interest come in. =)
  7. thanks again baglover, im in australia so i dont have an SA... but i will PM you for Stellas email so she can contact me when the bags are in... i just hope the blue will be vibrant like on the MJ website... thanks!
  8. I just got one! I have the smaller on in Petrol. It's the perfect size and doesn't hang in the middle, the chain is a perfect length too.

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  9. the bag looks great on you, i think im going to go for the smaller size... im going to wait for the cobalt blue to come out, if i dont like it im going to go for the bordeaux i think....thanks for the pics!