Can anyone pls ID this watch?

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  1. Hi

    I've been looking everywhere..

    But I don't know which brand it is - you can see theres an extra little watch on the wristband.

    THANKS :smile:


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  2. i :heart: that watch...
  3. Me 2!! Really hope someone can tell me brand and model ! :smile:
  4. Hello,

    I believe it's the Stauer Pacifica. Here is a pic.

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  5. I think there is another brand besides Stauer that makes that style watch...
  6. its not leather, its silver/gold All the way around. But thanks, a good alternative:smile:
    But hopefully someone Else Can help? I also Think its another brand
  7. i'm still looking...where was the pic from? was it a celeb?
  8. No it was a picture i found on facebook once, but i dont remember who:sad: i remember someone once telling e its a rolex but i've never seen rolex make this type.
  9. Yeah I thought it was a Rolex too or something similar. I know a multi-millionaire who has one and he just wouldn't own a $150 watch. Not that there is anything wrong with that!
  10. It might be Jaeger LeCoultre actually.
  11. Do you know which model maybe? :smile:
  12. i looked thru the jaegers but i couldn't find any with a blue face:shrugs:
  13. Any other suggestions? :smile:
  14. Breitling Avenger UTC, supposedly. Although for some reason it only seems to show up on replica websites.