Can anyone please tell me why H rainbows are so expensive?

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  1. First of all, I have to tell you that I LOVE anything Hermes. But I just switch from LV to orange world, so I would love to learn more about it. One thing that I don't really get is why all H rainbows are pretty expensive :sweatdrop:, compared to LV, such as wallet, agenda, card holder, ...etc.?

    Can anybody please tell me more about this :flowers:? ... thanks you so much!! :love:
  2. I imagine it's the same reason why anything H is so expensive - the top quality materials and craftsmanship. Having said that, when I was looking to buy an agenda I realised that the LV ones that I liked were either the same price or more expensive than H!! After that the choice was an easy one :biggrin:
  3. I was comparing the prices for a cardholder - they are very similar in prices....

    however i cant say the same for their wallets. H wallets are premium priced items IMO :biggrin:
  4. This is very true, I actually wanted to buying a wallet to go with my bag but couldn't believe they were $2,000
  5. May I ask how much does H agenda cost? I have LV one, but it's a gift .. so don't know the price.
  6. The agendas vary in price but the grand agenda I just bought cost £180 ($360)

    They have them on the website
  7. My Barenia Vision was around £200, I think. That was last year so they might have gone up a little since.
  8. The H items are expensive because they are still hand stitched. So if you get a ulysses notebook, there isn't any stitching and so the cost is relatively low. However once look at something with a zip, that requires a lot of extra work, as they tend to have twice the leather, as they are lined (more work) and the zip needs to be stitched in (lots more work)
  9. ^
    I thouhgt only a few select items were hand stitched?
  10. It depends on the material also. It's really easy to see why an H. wallet (leather) is more expensive that an LV monogram (canvas) wallet. But even comparing LV leather (Epi or Suhali) to Hermes, the craftsmanship is unparalleled. I still like LV so I'm not hating or anything, but Hermes is definitely cut from a totally different cloth than anything else out there. And as DH likes to say "You gotta pay to play." :P

    What did you end up buying witwit? You said you made the switch from brown to orange.
  11. Because the options are limitless in terms of colours, leathers and types of accessories. The pieces are like candy: addictive. Impossible to stop at one.

    And of course, the handstitching, quality, etc.

    But you can start small and build! A TPM Ulysse and carmencita, for example. I started my rainbow with *preloved* pieces (the advantage of H accessories is that, like bags, they have YEARS of good life in them - so one woman's "used" piece can become another woman's treasure, for a fraction of the cost), and sale pieces from ebay.
  12. Piaffe, P-B, Liberté, eliselady, Loony, mooks, bbbochap
    Thank you so much for your explainations. Crytal! ... Now I'm looking forward to finding the right rainbows!!

  13. Ipso is Hermes and pretty much answers the question.
  14. ^^ :yes:
  15. There are certainly good reasons why Hermes accessories cost as much as they do. But I just can't justify for myself, buying an accessory for $800! Would love to, but just can't do it. I got my Hermes orange Ulysse PM as a gift and purchased a pre-loved Hermes yellow post-it note holder. For my other accessories, I purchased an assortment of affordable top quality leather brands. I still made myself a pretty cute rainbow... or at least, I think I have! :cutesy:

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