Can anyone please tell me the name, size and colour of this bag

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  1. :graucho: I have never been a fun for MIUMIU, untill I see this bag.
    Can anyone tell me the information on this exact bag?
    I want to buy it tomorrow.
    Thank you, ladies.

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  2. It's definitely a nappa charm. I have a large one which is much bigger that this, so I guess it's small.
    I'm not quite sure about the color though. Probably mughetto?
  3. yes, thats a mini nappa for the color, I agree it seems like mughetto
  4. thank you guys.
    Can anyone tell me if it is still available?
    Is it hard to get?
  5. it came out a couple of months ago...or maybe at the end of last year....I don't remember right now could still be available at some stores, maybe they can track one down for you.
  6. I believe I saw a pearl colored one on netaporter earlier this year. I believe they called it "Bottega".