Can anyone please recommend a good peeling mask?

  1. I was told by my beautician that my skin was too thin and delicate to use regular exfoliators and she said that I should use a gentle peeling mask instead.

    Does anyone have recommendations? I'm in my mid-20s and have pretty good skin but it's delicate and gets irritated easily.

  2. it's not a peeling mask, but the green apple peel by juice beauty works wonders! the make a formula of the same mask for sensitive skin. you can find it at sephora.
  3. Yea my mom's skin is very easily irritated and she is a "cream and masks" freak, but she kept praising Marilyn Miglin's Perfect Balance Liquid Veil.. and so I tried it and it's awesome. It's a cold mask, you put it on, peel it off, and you can see the dirt that comes off with the stuff you peel!

    The bottle don't look that great but hell if it works!

    It used to cost around 25-30 bucks but I know HSN has it cheaper.. with their deal.. Different look but same product!


    HSN has this triple pack for 19.95 which is a great buy!!!! I already got me and my best friend some!

    HSN has reviews on the site that sells the product which are real live people so yea!

    Link to the product
  4. Thanks for the responses! I'll look around for the ones you guys suggested :smile:
  5. Thanks again for all the recommendations! :biggrin:
  6. Shiseido Pureness makes a peeling mask. It was pretty good when I used it (couple of years ago...) can't remember what it was supposed to do though.