Can anyone please id this bag?

  1. It's an old one, pics are from Jan 2006. I love it and I looked everywhere for it but no luck. It is very, very cute. I hope you guys can help - thanks much in advance!

    (The one Katie is wearing of course, not Vic's Hermes :biggrin:)


  2. it reminds me of the stylings of Isabella Fiore - but then again I can't seem to get a good look of it....

    good luck!
  3. ^ THANKS SO MUCH! I did some research and yep, it is an IF bag from 2005 collection - large knit hobo. Thanks a lot! It was driving me crazy! :biggrin:
  4. it is Isabella Fiore. It is the Besame Chullo hobo bag. I wore it all over Aspen a few years ago. Although it wasn't a "city bag", it made such a splash in that ski atmosphere! I didn't know that Katie had that bag.