Can anyone please help me with MJ Bronze Metallic Leather?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am really interested in purchasing a '09 Bronze Stam, but I am concerned about how the leather will wear over time. I have done my homework here in the MJ Subforum, but all I can find is info about the older metallic bags and the wear on them. Do the newer bags have problems with wear as well?
    I am drooling over this bronze stam, but don't want to purchase it if I will be disappointed in how it looks after a few months.
    Also, I do not have a large handbag collection (recently sold most of them off to make room for NEW!) so this bag would probably be heavily worn; not just an occasional bag.
    Also, any input on the bronze color (is it really "blingy" or more subtle?) would be wonderful!
    All/any advice welcome!
    Thanks so much!!
  2. i have the bronze bruna, and at one time, i used it almost everyday. no rub-off/fading whatsoever. it's a great color probably the most versatile metallic next to grey from that season. you should really go for it. it's a stunning color.
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    Thanks Tad!
    Do you consider the Bronze to be really "blingy", or is it a more of a subtle metallic? In some of the pix I have seen it looks sparkley/blingy, and in others it is more subtle. I can't tell if it is just the camera flash.
  4. i don't think it would be blingy at all, i had a lzw in bronze at one time, it is a nice subtle metallic. tad is right the bronze is stunning! i have the metallic grey stam and have two metallic lzws that have had no issues with the metallic rubbing or wearing off. hope that helps and good luck!! please do a reveal if you decide to get the bronze! :smile:
  5. Thanks for the info, everyone!
    Any other info is definitely welcome!!!
  6. I think bronze is a fabulous neutral - not blingy at all like the gold would be IMO. The leather is actually surprisingly durable, too. Here are a few pics of mine. HTH! I can't imagine you'd regret getting one. :smile:
    ETA: Darn! It's not letting me upload the close-ups of the color and these modeling shots are a bit blurry. Sorry!)

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  7. not at all bling-y. it's about as subtle as a metallic can be, and i think you could wear it with a lot.
  8. I dislike all flashy colors, and I can tell you right now that bronze is a perfect neutral. I own a Large Zip Wallet in bronze, and as you know wallets are used frequently and not-too-gently. However, mine is still in perfect condition, and I absolutely love this color. Here are some pretty accurate representations of bronze:


  9. nice pictures, bom!
  10. Wow! Yes, nice pix, everyone!
    Thanks for all the info!
    This is great!
  11. Thanks, tad & cooper! Glad I was able to help.
  12. Those pics are killer, blackonmaroon - I LOVE the bronze! It's the perfect metallic, subtle and very chic.
  13. Aw, thanks, Loquita!
  14. Bronze is fantastic! It is a very subtle metallic. Not blingy.

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