Can anyone please help - info on "Dofan"?

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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about "Dofan" of France?
    What years they were made? What about quality?
    . . . Any info at all? . . . Thanks!
  2. I was able to find this:

    Location 1961:

    Dofan Handbags
    33 E. 33rd St.
    New York City

    Dofan France made some fabulous handbags and this example is a sculptural gem. It was featured as "The Shape of Things to Come" in the July 1947 issue of Handbags Illustrated, page 27. It wholesaled for a hefty $22.50 each (that's $175.50 in 2005 Dollars!)and was made in suede in a variety of colors or broadcloth in black, brown and navy.

    The bags that are available for sale online are all very unique and vintage. Thanks for introducing me to that brand!
  3. Sorry I'm not an expert, but the vintage bags marked Dofan France are absolutely top quality! Many of these vintage bags can be a thing of beauty.....
    I think there are others that have more expertise......GlamaRuth.....where are U????
  4. Does anyone know what year they stopped making them?
    I'm hoping to figure out a date for the one I purchased. (So hard to tell from the style!)
    19_1_b[1].jpg 92_1[1].jpg be_1[1].jpg
  5. WOW, that is amazing! Thanks for posting that pic!
  6. That's a lovely bag. The quality looks awesome.
  7. Hi Temo,

    Got your PM - no problem! I don't have any myself, but judging from pics I've seen on numerous sites, I think Dofan started producing as early as the 1930's. Many seem to be stamped "made in France" so I suspect that the 1961 New York address referenced in an above post was the address of their US distributor. Judging from the photos you posted, I would say your bag is late 50's/early 60's, maybe circa 1962-3. Ladylike styles persisted well into the 60's. Can you take a close up pic of the logo stamp inside?
  8. GlamaRuth, thanks for your reply! Will post photos when I get the bag. Should be next week. Just by the photos, I have really fallen for this little mystery bag! Can't wait to receive her! Thanks again!
  9. YAY! Finally Received! I'm so thrilled! This Dofan cleaned up incredibly with just a little apple leather conditioner! (Boxcalf I think). There were two little holes on the front of the bag where some "doodad" had obviously fallen off through the years. I had a piece of a broken gold chain that I threaded into the holes. I THINK it looks like it belongs there. (?)
    Here are my photos:
    Dofan2.jpg Dofan3.jpg dofan1.jpg
  10. It's a great addition that you've made to the bag - looks like it belongs there.
    Enjoy this wunnerful vintage find!
  11. the chain looks cute!! congrats :yes:
  12. I bought a Dofan vintage handbag from a vintage bag website and it's from the 40s. I get so many compliments on it.
  13. Would it be possible to see a photo? I think I might have a developing passion for the "exquisiteness"(is that a word?) of these bags! Please share if you can!