can anyone name nicole richie's blue b-bag

  1. _bluebigNicole.jpg NR 60.jpg
  2. its a work
  3. i'd want one of those.... oh, next yr.. heheh.. still have to get my paddy so need to save up for that..
  4. Im pretty sure its a work. I have noticed that on the weekender it has 3 "studs" that attach to the handle and on a work it has 2.:biggrin::flowers:
  5. i wish i owned that bag! :love:
  6. they're both work. the first pic looks like teal and the second pic looks like 05 turquoise.
  7. thanks so much everyone, it was driving me crazy 'cause i couldn't figure it out's such a beautiful bag & it looks so great on her!!!...that's true about the 3 handle-studs on the weekender & the 2 on the work :yes:
  8. Wow! Love those bags! Gorgeous!
  9. Me, too! It's gorgeous!!! :love:
  10. I think designers should just send her purses for free... she doesn't have enough! LOL
  11. Ack, esile, are you serious, the first one is teal? Ohhhhh I'm sooooo excited to get my teal now!!! :heart:
  12. i love that sizeeee!!! :cry: i want one...
  13. ^^me too!
  14. They're both pics of the turquoise - as far as I know, NR doesn't have a teal anything. It just changes colour dep. on the light.
  15. damn, after seeing those pics, i definitely want a work now! i actually want bbags in all the sizes! :roflmfao: