Can anyone name Lucy Liu's bag please

  1. Thanks :smile:

  2. I'd love to know the brand too. :drool:
  3. That is a gorgeous bag! I hope someone knows :yes:
  4. OMG!

    That's the bag for me! :love:
  5. she carries some great looking bags on the show! That one's beautiful.
  6. I don't know but for some reason I'm thinking GUCCI?
  7. There have been a couple of threads on this. Try search and you might find an answer.
  8. I found many threads concerning a gucci aviatrix bag but none regarding what this might be :thinking:
  9. no idea but it's gorgeous!
  10. It does look gorgeous, but it sure looks heavy - a definite two hander job! What's she got in there!!!
  11. I know there is a website that shows the names of all the labels worn on Lipstick Jungle and other primetime shows. I will try to find it and post it. You might try, search Lipstick Jungle and it may link you to that other website. I am not sure if it will have Cashmere Mafia items, but worth a shot.
  12. Ok, the website is It has lots of shows, including LJ, Gossip Girl. I don't know if Cashmere Mafia is there, it is not the friendliest of sites to navigate. I am continuing to search.
  13. Its not the aviatrix, it is Gucci though. Unfortunately it's vintage and I believe one of the few floating around.

    I searched extensively and found somewhere that Patricia Fields is using a ridiculous amount of vintage stuff for the shows wardrobe including many many bags. The website I found was a Q&A with her and she mentioned many people asking about that bag, which is a vintage Gucci.
  14. ^^I should say I searched extensively when I first saw the bag weeks ago, I have no idea where I found the info as it was before I was on TPF and didnt pass it on to anyone at the time.