Can anyone make a living selling handbags on eBay?

  1. Hi! I am a brand new member of tPF, and I was ecstatic to see this forum topic! I've been selling handbags on eBay for a while now, but I'm recently thinking of shutting down my operation entirely. I've had a hard time of it. It seems as though most handbags sell on eBay for at least 60-70% below retail (even for brand new, current season bags), which means I need to find sources to buy them at like 80-90% below retail just to make a decent profit (especially after all of those eBay/Paypal fees!). Finding quality bags at 80-90% below retail is practically impossible unless you want to spend all day every day scouring clearance racks at the outlets and clipping coupons. I did find some wholesale sources, but most don't allow you to sell on eBay, and wholesale prices are nowhere near 80-90% off retail. Just wondering if anyone out there found a way to make the math work! I'm not looking for people to reveal their precious sources of inventory...just wondering if anyone is making it work, that's would at least give me hope! :sad:
  2. They way out of that is to sell overseas.....I can't divulge info b/c my friends do it....but....I can say that it is more than possible with your some cases it's possible to sell even if you purchase at full retail depending on what the item is and the demand for that item in the foreign country.
  3. I believe people can make a living selling handbags on ebay, but you'll have to sell a lot, and that will take up a lot of your time. In the end it's not really worth it if you ask me. But of course it's different from person to person.
  4. I know of at least one longtime eBay seller specializing in handbags who makes well over $100K a year selling on eBay. It is POSSIBLE, but it's not quite as easy as heading to the local Coach outlet or TJ Maxx and just marking up stuff. Remember: if you have easy access to things at a certain price point, so do a lot of other people.

    In my opinion, it really depends on supply and demand--plenty of people will pay well over retail for something that is HARD to find, or very exclusive. Other brands that might be more accessible would need to be purchased at insanely low prices to make the business model workable, as you said. The particularly successful seller I mentioned earlier has developed a lot of relationships over the years, as well as a dedicated consignment clientele, and she specializes in one specific very high-end brand which is HARD to get no matter where in the world you live. She's an expert, and she has an excellent reputation, but she's worked very hard for it for nearly 10 years.

    I know of another seller who was able to work out a wholesale agreement with Aigner, and she exclusively sells Aigner items brand new, at prices slightly less than retail. I personally would not go that route, simply because it's not exactly a red hot brand and it's readily available at deep discount in department stores everywhere, but it does work for her.
    If you're just starting out, I actually would recommend that you consider either consignment or buying good condition preowned items at thrift stores, etc., rather than risking a lot of your own money buying inventory that may sit and sit for years (literally). Good luck!
  5. You can make a living on eBay only when you have competitive supply sources. People who are making $100K a year mostly import directly from factories. They are stable supplies and pricing.

    If you want to study profiles of those big sellers, read members of this trade organization. Most of them, if not all, are eBay's shooting stars!
  6. Well, actually that's not exclusively the case (it's not with the seller to whom I am referring), but yes, that is true in many instances.
  7. ^ I think I know which seller you are talking about