Can anyone identify which year this lambskin jumbo was produced?

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  1. I received this photo from an s/a who quoted a price of $2450. It was found hiding in the basement stockroom and she said it was from a few years ago.

    It's lambskin, a cognac brown color. Since I am not buying in person I'm wondering if she's affixing the price increase on an older season bag and if that's the case, would like to ask for the price the bag cost when it was issued. I don't think it's fair to charge more for something that was forgotten in backstock.

    Any help would be appreciated! If I don't buy it and someone is truly interested, PM me for details.

  2. Wow, I really love that colour!
    $2450 is that really the price for a new jumbo these days?
    I hope that if you do go after it she is cool and charges you the old price :smile:
  3. ^Isn't it gorgeous?! I have been looking for a Chanel in this color. I think the lambskin jumbo is currently at $2850, so this is less, but I'm not sure I believe it was the price of the bag upon release.
  4. Norma, you rock! :tup: And wasn't the cost for the lambskin jumbo $1895 in 06? I used to have an 06A brown caviar jumbo that was $1695 during the autumn 06 season. I'll have to check an old lookbook! Thank you!:heart:
  5. Gorgeous color, I also noticed that one on eBay.

    Roey, never thought I'd see the day of you considering to buy a classic flap! :nuts:
  6. roey great bag! but I believe the price for it back then was 1895...good luck!
  7. Gorgeous color Roey. In 2006 the Caviar jumbos were $1695 and the lambskin was $100 more. I hope you can get it at the pre-increase price.
  8. Beautiful bag Roey! I agree, if it has been in the stock room for several years, the price should be less than $2,000., for sure. Let us know what you find out.
  9. Gosh Roey, great find! It's a beautiful color. I wish I could go rummaging through a Chanel basement stockroom. I'm sure there are other goodies hidden away!
  10. LOL Nat! I never would have considered it either but I have never been able to resist a cognac colored handbag (unless it's over $2K!). Before I was into Chanel I had cognac bags by Kooba, Coach, Michael Kors and Chloe. It always made me sad that Chanel rarely does a beautiful cognac color. So I would make an exception for this at the old price point.

    I emailed the s/a back but am not holding my breath to get it at the lower price. She'll probably put it on the sales floor with a $2450 price tag because she knows someone will buy it for that amount.
  11. Whoaaaaaa... totally missed this thread. haha -YES, I second Nat's "What? Roey? Classic flap??" ;)

    -If you CAN get it for the price it was originally at, you NEED to. I will be more than happy to enable you if you need that nudge...!
  12. ^I will PM you later on tonight Janny! Your doggie is sooo cute!!

    Will keep you all posted on the outcome.
  13. Here's the relevant part of the response I received from the s/a via email pertaining to the price:

    Unfortunately we do not manage the price increases on the handbags, Chanel orders the increase and we physically apply the price to the handbags. As far as Chanel is concerned the lambskin classic jumbo gets a price increase regardless of the season, or color and because of the large amount of new merchandise we have gotten in recently we just don't have the space for such a beautiful bag!!!:sad:

    It's too bad that if they don't have the space for the bag, they can't sell it at the old price. Even though I can afford to pay $2450, I won't.
  14. Roey, at least she could have discounted the bag a little bit for you. Beside it is old stock and you'll willing to take it off her now at a cheaper price. Maybe u could email her if it doesn't get sold, you will buy it off her for the cheaper price. You could always try.