Can anyone identify this for me?

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  1. Hi all!!
    I'm very new here but obsess over anything Coach, so maybe this is the right place for me to be?LOL.
    I bought a purse at my TJMaxx the other day and I've gotten so many comments on it. I personally have never seen this bag and was hoping you experts may be able to help me, sorry I don't have a pic, but here's the number from the creed.

  2. This is what comes up.... Is this it??

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  3. That looks to me as some type of cotton shoulder tote.
  4. YES that is the bag. except mine has white where the dark brown is on that picture. Anyone have any idea of the name of it?
  5. Yes, I think tikilove is correct -- it's from the Legacy Cotton collection, maybe a Shoulder Tote or Shoulder Bag?