Can anyone identify this Damier bag?

  1. I've recently become captivated by this Damier luggage peice, but I know virtually nothing about it. Besides once on eBay I've never seen it. If anyone knows the dimensions, name, retail price, or if they even still make it, I'd be very grateful. ;) Thanks! (btw, the pics below are of a fake, but they were the only ones I could find)
    cn_b_3_377.jpg cn_b4_3_377.jpg cn_b3_3_377.jpg cn_b5_3_377.jpg
  2. that looks like a West End, either a PM or GM, there are 2 sizes for this. and it comes wih a strap as well. hope that helps!
  3. yep, it's a West-End and i believe it's discontinued.
  4. Thanks for all the info! Does anyone know the actual dimensions?
  5. I'm so stupid, I'm all "thats a funky looking SOHO there..." HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

    We have super old catalogs at our store, its always interesting to see bags that just don't exist anymore...