Can anyone identify this card case?

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  1. I know, I know. It's not a purse but this is probably the only site in the web visited by this many Chanel fans. I was hoping one of you guys can identify this like what type of leather, name, etc. I do remember that the price was $205. I am such a newbie to Chanel, I have only paid attention to this brand very recently. :smile:
  2. The leather is caviar- don't know the name, but knowing Chanel it's probably something like "classic quilted cardcase."
  3. ^ yea, it's a classic design so you'll be able to find it except the type of leather may vary.
  4. Look in the Chanel Reference Library. I think I've seen it there before.
  5. Is this a style that stays throughout the year? Or is it seasonal?