can anyone identify this bag

  1. A friend in the navy sent me this pic of this bag she just bought overseas. I havent been able to reach her to find out what kind it is. Can anyone here tell me "what is it?"
    alpine-padreisland 202.JPG
  2. wow that looks hmmm intersting
  3. my thoughts exactly
  4. anyone?
  5. Hmm, it'll be hard to identify that from that one picture alone, :P, do you have any picture of its inside?
  6. sorry, i can't help you :P
  7. hmm.. it looks weird!
  8. this is the only one she sent me
  9. Hi!
    I don't know about that bag, but I sure would like to know if I just bought a fake Louis Vuitton Alma or not. Can anyone help??
  10. How do you get anyone to answer you in this chat room, I am new and not having much luck.:hysteric:
  11. this isn't a chat room. you don't get instant answers...perhaps if you scroll down the home page to the louis vuitton forum and post your question there, they will be able to help....good luck!
  12. Thank you