Can anyone identify this bag?

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's Hermes, but I really want to know is what model and how much, it looks as if it is made of velvet or a soft material. Thanks!

  2. Looks a lot like a version of the Lanvin Vintage Kansas bag
  3. isn't that a dior metal tag on the bag? like the ones on the dior gaucho?
  4. I agree--it's the Lanvin Vintage Kansas in velvet.
  5. Cool! Any idea how much?
  6. yea.. it's the lanvin...
    from the lanvin thread on tfs
  7. That's a pretty bag!!!
  8. I saw the little clasp upfront and assumed it was Hermes, thanks ladies. How much is the kansas? Is it still avail? I know that is a pretty recent pic of Reese with it.
  9. Oohh...Lanvin Kansas is a beauty. Love that second pic from tfs !! Anyone knows if this bag is still achievable ? I heard Lanvin bags are limited.