Can Anyone Identify This Bag. . . ?

  1. Hi,

    So I went to Bloomy's today with the intention of buying a Fendi bag, when lo and behold, I step into the Chanel boutique and fell in love with a Chanel bag. The problem is that it only came in pink so I asked the sales associate if they carried it in other colors, but unfortunately, they don't. She could tell I was disappointed, so she took down my number and promised me that she'd call if they get any more in stock. I want to see if I could find it anywhere else, but I don't know the name of the bag. . . (In all my excitement, I forgot to ask.) And since I didn't take pictures of it, I want to ask you for help in identifying it.

    It was about 12" x 6.5", x 4.5, with around a 7" drop, zip-top, kinda boxy, quilted with same color threading, slit pocket on the back side, and same color Chanel Cs on the front side. The strap (only single strap) was really cool--it was a leather strap (on where the bag would sit on your shoulder) with a bit of classic Chanel chain attaching it to the bag. Kinda hard to describe, but if you see it, you'd know what I am talking about. . . And the price is $1175.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I never really looked at Chanel bags before today, so I don't know if it's a widely distributed style. I looked through all 25 pages of the pictures thread but couldn't find it there. Anyway, TIA!!!
  2. I'm thinking cambon. Does it look like this?
    cambon pochette.jpg Chanel Cambon.jpg
  3. Thanks, but nope, that's not it.

    It has single strap, and the strap was is like the strap in the Shopper Tote. The Chanel Cs were tonal, so it was pink just like the rest of the bag, and it was located in on the middle of the bag, not off to the side. And it wasn't quite as boxy. . .
  4. Maybe it was the petit shopper, but I don't have a pic of that.
  5. Just looked it up, but nope, it's not that one either. :sad:
  6. Was it the box tote?

    Kind of looks like a miniauture Grand Shopping Tote?
  7. The box tote is cute, but it isn't it. The one I'm talking about isn't a tote; it's a shoulder bag. And it has a single strap.

    Anymore suggestions? Should I just get the pink? The sales associate said that they don't believe they will order anymore for the fall, so I might be out of luck. The reason why I really want to get it from Bloomy's is because I work in Corporate, so I get a discount. . .
  8. ^ this one comes to mind. is that it?
  9. I love that bag Mello
  10. mello, theres also another one JUST like that but it was smaller and more pochette looking, less crescent-shaped
  11. but that ones around 800 not 1175
  12. That's the one!! Thanks so much!


    So "Chanel 20993 Quilted Shoulder Bag" is the correct model name?

    I really want black, but they probably won't be able to find it. . . should I settle for pink? I need your advice, TIA!
  13. I just called the Chanel store in Soho and apparently, this bag is sold out nationwide in black and is being discontinued. So I guess I will pick up the pink after all. . .
  14. WAIT!! Before you give up - call Saks, Neimans, and Nordstrom.. they may be able to track one down!!!
  15. Yes, but I want to get the employee's discount, so it HAS to be from Bloomy's. . . I just called the Chestnut Hill store to check for the beige color, but they don't have any in stock.