Can anyone identify this bag

  1. Can anyone help me identify this bag - designer?

  2. Good looks fab though!
  3. no, but she's gotten so tiny she could wear one of those earrings as a belt or necklace! Seriously, look at the proportion!
  4. looking at the linning i'm thinking its a Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) bag..... am i right?
  5. I would have to agree on the D & G idea..thats the only designer that has an interior like that!
  6. I like it. I love the chewed gum sticking to the side of her coffee cup. That's hilarious! At least she's being a responsible dog owner!! That bag-holder is from Target of all places!
  7. Swanky - you're right she has gotten way too skinny. But I do love those earrings she has on!