Can anyone identify these Gucci pumps?

  1. [​IMG]

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Pretty sure they are called Hollywood Horsbit or something like that.
    You can find that print on eBay. The black version of this shoe you can find just about anywhere like Neimans, Saks, Gucci..etc.
  3. Thanks Stinas! Do you know how they run? I don't own Gucci shoes, so these would be my first pair. If I'm normally an US 8, should I go with the 38 or 38.5?
  4. i think Gucci runs true to size, I am a regular 8, and gucci 8 fits perfectly.
  5. I think they run TTS too. I am also an 8 but for this style I would go down a half size. I tried on the 8 recently at the Gucci store and my foot was slightly slipping out.....and of course they didnt have a 7.5! Just my luck!
    If your ordering online buy both and send back the ones that dont fit. Always a safe bet when ordering online.
  6. Gucci runs TTS for me. I'm a 9 and wear a 39. One of the only designer shoes that actually are TTS for me - makes it less of a pain when it comes to the size guessing game :nuts:

    Good luck finding the shoes! :smile:
  7. Yes, Hollywood Horsebit with horseshoe print. Gucci these days run TTS if not a little big.
  8. this shoes is very sexy...