Can anyone identify the style of this BE&D bag?

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  1. I was sorting through my photos of wanted bags and came across this one, only the name of the bag wasn't listed in the file name. I'm pretty sure it actually came from this forum, but I took a look around and couldn't find the thread anywhere.

    If someone knows what it is and where I could find it, I'd be oh so happy.

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    Hey that's my Perry. I have only recently seen this bag in patten and the orange is available some place but it is a mini. Mine is the regular size. If you go to the Be & D website you will be able to see it but it is not available through the site.

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  4. Oh that's yours, lucky girl! May I have it? ;) Sorry if that was your personal photo I used, I couldn't for the life of me remember exactly where I got it.

    Thanks for the information, hopefully I'll come across it in the pink someday.
  5. No problem, I did do some checking and could not find another one. I have had it for some time, so if you want it in the fuschia, ebay may be your best bet.

    I'll keep an eye out for one, and let you know if I find one.