Can Anyone Identify The Fendi Bag in the Ads

  1. I'm talking about the black Fendi bag with quilting in the ads in the current Vogue, etc. Does anyone know what the name of the style is?
  2. Can you post a picture of the bag?
  3. Hi susan-eric: Long time no see!

    I've noticed those ads too. :graucho: I think it's the Fendi Chef's bag in a bubbly leather. This pic is from NM, but it looks better in the magazine ads. I'm curious to see what other colors it comes in.


    Here are some other Chef's bags that I've got my eye on...
    Fendi Chef.jpg Fendi Chef2.jpg Fendi Chef3.JPG
  4. Thanks Cosmo! Cool bag...:drool:
  5. ^ love that bubbly one:love:

    **umm..ok I'm beginning to REALLY like it. I can't believe I get influenced so easily!
  6. yummy i like the third one the best for some reason!!
  7. The first one is really nice... I've never liked the chef in the zucca. I'm sure scared it wouldn't keep its shape properly. It might say in the middle? But goodness that leather has a 'fondle-and-caress-me' factor to the power 10!
  8. Here are the ads from Vogue


    Fendi in Vogue1.JPG Fendi in Vogue2.JPG
  9. whoa are they that big?! those are huge! especially since models are tall with heels...
  10. ahah i think its computer affects - interesting ad though i must say! may be we shld have a thread with fendi ads in it - :wlae:
  11. :tender: like the bubbly one....always have a weakness for leather bags :drool:
  12. hmm even if it was computer effects, I don't see the point (it IS an ad, wouldn't they want it to be accurate?) I've never seen an ad where they distort the products size compared to a human..that could mislead people! I still like it..big or small:biggrin:
  13. ahan ahan! may be they made speical editions - for example in sephora paris they have these huge bottles of theirry mugler and jean paul gaultier amoung other perfumes - for purchase though - who cares though again i think the size implicATION is valid but the ad looks quirky and chic! likin it :biggrin:
  14. I think that the Chef bag has come in several sizes over the years, but the ones pictured in the ads are about 18" long....

    Chef model eLuxury.JPG
  15. I never realised the chef was that big. I may consider getting one now. Love that bubbly one...