Can anyone identify the designer of LC's dress in US Magazine?

  1. Hello! I have been looking all over the internet for this dress, I just love it so much. Does anyone know who the designer is? Thank you! This picture was taken from an US Magazine issue. Thanks!
    LC Dress.jpg
  2. Sorry no idea:sad:
  3. Might be Anna Sui
  4. very pretty. her style is so formulaic though.
  5. She wears a lot of clothes from Anthropologie, maybe its from there?
  6. She also wears a lot of 3.1 Phillip Lim.
  7. I just saw a skirt at Anthropologie with the same print. It didnt say the brand online though. You could probably contact CS to ask the brand.
  8. Oh you guys are has to be the Anthro skirt.
  9. Maybe Kenzo or Anna Sui
  10. i love this dress. i want one.
  11. Wow it can defintely be the skirt from Anthropologie. You guys were SO helpful. Thank you!!!

  12. maybe it was a dress version? but u girls are fantastic u can find anything ^^