Can anyone ID Vanessa Hudgen's Bag??

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  1. this was ID'ed,
    appanrelty abercrombie and fitch have like, A&F then they have a slightly more expensive part to it, and i think i remember people saying it was from there :smile:
  2. Sorry.. wrong post
  3. love the long shirt with the shorts
  4. thanks
  5. btw... this bag is now on clearance. almost 150 off the original price of 348 down to $199.90 at
  6. I just tried to order and it says the item is no longer available!! Anyone know where else I can get it??

  7. It is sold out.

    I have it and I love it but I might put it on Ebay as I haven't carried it yet.
    I just can't put down my Balenciaga city. LOL!
  8. Yay.
    Mine finally arrived today.

    I will post pictures (modeling & no modeling) pictures when I get time :smile:
  9. Hi anna.. glad you got yours already. Were you able to get it for the $199? How is the bag? Mine is not getting here until Friday. Can't wait for it. Are you gonna post pics soon? I would love to see it.
  10. jen1983, I did indeed get it for $199 :biggrin: I was SO GLAD I waited. I just didn't think a suede hobo should be $400 :oh: Friday will be here soon!

    I will post pictures by tonight! I am hoping in the shower so after I get out I will post pics! Be back in a hour or so!
  11. Okay.
    Sorry I took so long but here they are.

    ***excuse the super messy room***

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The bag looks HUGE on me but it's really a GREAT SIZE :tup:
    For reference, I am 5'2 and size 4.

    :heart: this bag. perfect for casual wear or a sleep over. looks great with white!
  12. annaversary, that bag is GORGEOUS and it looks so good on you!!! The color is so rich and divine. It will go with so many things. I LOVE IT!!! Geez, now I totally regret not purchasing it. Such a good find!