Can anyone ID this?

  1. So I was surfing ye olde eBay and I came across this listing for a Tano bag:

    Can anyone remember or name what style it is? It kinda looks like a Petit Larceny except with some obvious differences, namely the leather type and the outside pockets. I really like it and I am on the fence on buying it since I don't know what season or what the name of it is. TIA!
  2. Looks like tumbleweed leather, which is circa 2009/10. Will try and see if I can find a picture.

  3. Thanks. I'd appreciate it :smile:
  4. I scanned through some stock photos from 2008-2010 and couldn't find it. Has anyone else had better luck?
  5. I couldn't find it either. And looked at 2007,8,9,10. Might have been specially made for a store. At any rate, it looks like a beautiful bag at a great price! If I didn't have a couple of brown bags already, I'd snap it up myself!

  6. Man! This sounds like quite the mystery bag lol. Is it possible it was just a very low production style and only a handful were made? The plot thickens...