Can anyone ID this?

  1. Can you ID this Chanel handbags and tell me how much are they please?
    olsenchanelbag.jpg chanelhandbag.jpg katemosschanelhandbag.jpg
  2. 1st is a Cerf tote - no idea of the price
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. Do you think that the second one is vintage?
  5. The second one is a discontinued model. I inquired about it as well to a manager of a Chanel boutique.
  6. i hope they'll bring it back soon like they did for vintage ligne tote :yes:
  7. The vintage ligne was never discontinued as far as I'm aware. It is called vintage because the leather is distressed to look vintage, versus vintage as in an older style.
  8. Do you know more or less how much it would cost?
  9. i bought mine a year ago..idk how much it is now.. it was 1675 when i bought the cerf..
  10. Thank you! and do you know how much the second one it would cost?
  11. i have no idea it is discontinued i think... probably when i was still young lol ... the vintage ligne tote is not vintage. but there is a bag that was reissued.. the one raachel has in the celebrit forum.. they reissue vintage bags usually when it was popular or something like that