Can anyone id this purse?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I saw you posted this on makeupalley. There was a thread below yours that I think had the same bag as a Miu Miu.
  3. Is this bag a Miu Miu?
  4. Looks very Prada to me.
  5. thanks everyone - I was thinking prada/miu miu as well!!
  6. Its the Prada Antic Cervo Satchel..SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!
  7. ^And the most TDF bag ever!!LOL!...
  8. Thanks Jill - I love it! Do you have one oh Prada Queen?
  9. ^LOL! I got the same style bag in Gauffre and a black leather one.However I do have the wallet in that color..Its TDF!
  10. Where did you get the wallet? And... may I ask how much it was?
  11. ^I got the wallet at Prada NY store on Broadway.Cant remember how much it was..prob around 400ish

    I know someone said it went on sale at Saks though!
  12. Ooh - i'll have to check it out - thanks so much!