can anyone id this lv??

  1. That's the Trapeze PM in rose :smile:
    It also came in a beige color.
    I think I remember hearing it was sold out all over..there was one GM left (info courtesy of Laurence :yes: ) but it also sold.
  2. It's the Pink Mini Monogram Trapeze PM:love: :smile:
  3. oh thank you both! :smile:

    does that mean it's a one time thing and won't be released again?? :crybaby:
  4. They are still on the LV website in Japan :yes:
  5. Laurence had one in his store recently, maybe the 866 # can locate one.
  6. I think Let-Trade has one listed (at least it was there last night).
  7. Rose and Camel were the only colors made, right?

    That bag looks sooo great. :smile:
  8. I believe it came in a mintish color too...
  9. Grey too
  10. My, my, that dress she's wearing is atrocious! :wtf:
  11. thanks for all the help guys! don't think i'll be getting this one after all anyway.

    lol valleyoppressed, why do you think it's atrocious? :P
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