Can Anyone ID this dainty gold bird necklace?

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  1. I just saw this necklace (or something simlilar) somewhere. I think they referred to it as the swallow necklace. Sorry...I'll try to remember.
  2. Alex Monroe does a gold swallow neclace but I think it's slightly different; the swallow hangs as a pendant rather than being connected by beak and tail.
  3. Thanks! I'll check it out. Swallow! That's what it is! LOL
  4. Love Alex Monroe! your avatar!
  5. I have no clue but any idea who makes those sunglassses? I love those.
  6. ^^MJ makes a very similar pair to those.. Idk if its actually MJ shes wearing, but at the bloomies outlet yesterday I saw them.
  7. ^Handy, wish i could wear dainty jewellery. Alas, my big boobs swallow them up!!!!!
  8. I wish I have that problem. :lol:
  9. I know this thread is old, but in case anyone is wondering the necklace is by Annina Vogel and most likely a one-off.