Can anyone ID this belt?

  1. :confused1:


    Has anyone ever seen this before? Or something like it, I'm not too sure this is authentic. The buckle reminds me of epi wish bracelets, but was there ever something like a belt from that line?
  2. I believe it's real..I've seen this before at eBay..I want it..
  3. It's cute!
  4. it looks real but the flowers and lvs are not properlly ligned like the first little flower should be covered by the bucke since its the same...
  5. Hmm..I've never seen it before.
  6. I think is fake
  7. its nice...but i don't know is it auth
  8. Never seen that before, I think it's fake.
  9. after looking at the pic migt be fake because the hole isn't centered. I really thought I saw it at eBay before..
  10. The flower on the buckle looks a bit off to me.. I don't know though.
  11. Yeah the flower buckle looks weird. I'd think it'd be a solid gold color instead of that sparkly-ish color it has.
  12. Never seen it before. The materials used looks off to me.
  13. it looks fake to me the buckle just doesn't look right
  14. Ya I can't even figure out what line that material is supposed to be from.
  15. Fake