Can anyone ID this Balenciaga bag?

  1. I love the size and color!
    Thanks so much!
  2. Style: City
    Colour: Unsure whether that is grenat or bordeaux or marroon..
  3. Thanks!

    Hopefully I can get the correct color name.
    Here is one more photo that might help:
  4. Hmm..sorry, I still can't id the colour...though looks like 04 Marroon..though it could be grenat or bordeaux too..:sweatdrop:
    Hope others will chime in..
  5. its city bordeaux in 98% sure
    they talk about it all the time on the celebs with bbags thread. just search mk olsen
  6. Looks like'04 Marroon to me.:shrugs:
  7. I am with Louis_gal on this one..
    I think it looks to dark to be bordeaux :shrugs:
  8. :yes: Yeah, it definitely looks like 04 Marron to me.
  9. yah i think it looks like marron, there aren't many red undertones on this one? a lot more brown IMO
  10. I would also sayMarroon.
    I do love the Olsens style.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  11. It might be 04 Marron..the strap is so long!! :nuts:
  12. I too think its a Marron.
  13. Look like 04 Marron for me :yes:
  14. Its funny how big a city looks on such a teeny tiny person! :smile:
  15. Yup, I'm pretty sure it' a 04 marron, definitely a city. Too brown to be bordeaux (I have a bordeaux first).