Can anyone ID this bag?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new and I just want to say Hi..I love this site and I am already addicted.
    Chanel is my latest obsession and I've been eyeing this bag and was wondering if anyone knew the name of it and if it's available anywhere? thanks!:smile: [​IMG]
  2. Grand Shopping Tote in beige (or is there a more accurate name for this color?) caviar. It's part of the permanent line and should be readily available at most Chanel's. If it's not at your nearest boutique, I'm sure a SA can order it for you from another one. A gorgeous & classic bag indeed!
  3. Welcome to the addiction, MsFashionista!! It's terrible, lol!

    Beautiful is the Timeless CC Tote for $1650...Neiman Marcus carries it...I own this bag myself, and I love it :smile:
  4. I love that bag I really want one too!
  5. i loveee this bag, ive been trying to figure out what it was too...
  6. Cristina what color is yours?
  7. I want this bag in at least 3 different colors. . . and I deseperately hope they make one in red soon!
  8. Red would be hot in this bag.
  9. Christine!! Where have you been? :smile:

    I have a black one with gold hardware...I don't know, I was thinking of getting the silver too..but the beige looks great on Pamela Anderson with her blonde hair!!