Can anyone ID this bag?

  1. Both are - Hermes birkin :smile:
  2. Those bags MAY be Hermes but they are NOT Birkins.
  3. Look like Birkins to me. We need to get some Hermes experts out of Hermes to answer the question.
  4. I agree with Irene they are most certainly not Birkins.
  5. Thanks to all who replied. ;)

    I noticed there are hardware (rings??) on the strap which was what made me think they are not birkins. Also the shape, the curved top and more rectangular, does not resemble a birkin.

    Well we know a birkin it is not but what other Hermes could it be? What is it called?

    Hermes experts please help! :shrugs:
  6. LV_addict actually posted the pics in the Hermes subforum. They aren't birkins, but someone said they may be Lana Marks. I would go check that thread out.
  7. Thanks Elongreach, I'll check that out!

    And thanks LV_Addict for reposting. I wasn't sure whether to post in Hermes subforums since I wasn't sure they were Hermes to begin with!

    You're all so helpful. Much appreciated. :flowers:
  8. I think I may have answered my own query after much google-ing! :yes:

    They are CeCe Cord bags.
  9. ^^Some of her bags are available on right now. Her bags are supposedly also available through NM, BG and Saks, but I don't see them available online...
  10. I'm just reviving this thread because I love CeCe Cord bags so much. Her handbags used to sell at Bergdorf's until about a year ago and then she decided to take a break. A lot of socialites and fashion editors love her bags and still carry them. I am hoping one day she will start making her handbags again.