Can anyone ID this bag?

  1. My co-worker was carrying a beautiful Burberry yesterday. It was the PVC Nova check with patent trim, and the shape was framed at the top with handles for carrying. It was a medium to larger sized bag, and I can't find it online! Any suggestions of what it might be? TIA!
  2. OK, upon closer examination the bag is not framed, but has snaps on either side so it tapers at the top. It is medium sized, PVC nova check with black patent trim. Any ideas?
  3. Is it a tote or satchel? What kind of handles does it have? like rolled flat shoulder strap?
  4. It's a satchel and the handles are rolled. It had more structure than the Beaton. I didn't see it on the Burberry website, and I can't find it on any of the department store sites. Thanks for helping!
  5. I saw a bag like the one you're describing at the airport the other day... I was trying to decide it I thought it was real, or just several years old. I looked online and couldn't find anything like it. Maybe your co-worker can give you more info. I'm curious too... Good luck!!!
  6. I wish she could! I know it's real, but she just left the company so I never got a chance to ask her about it. I did hear her say it's from last year (sometime in 2006 I guess). I'm still searching!
  7. Update! The bag looked like this, but with black patent leather trim.

    Burberry "Blake"

    I can't find any additional information. Does anyone know the style number? Year? TIA!
  8. I saw a bag like that two and it is lovely.
  9. I found it! They just posted it at Saks

    Burberry Eden


    Does anyone have this bag?