Can anyone ID this bag?

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  1. Does anyone know the name of this bag? I'm assuming it's an older leather bag. It's kind of a bucket style on a long shoulder stap with an oval-shaped base. The interior has two flaps (one with a zippered pocket and the Coach creed and one with an open pocket). Thanks for the help!
    Coach Bucket.jpg Coach Bucket 2.jpg Coach Bucket 3.jpg Coach Bucket 4.jpg
  2. Does it have an open exterior pocket ?
  3. It looks like a vintage hobo bucket bag
  4. Does it have an adjustable strap ? If it does and has no exterior pocket then it probably is.
  5. There's no exterior pocket and the strap is only adjustable in one place, as opposed to most bags I see that are adjustable at both places where it connects to the bag. Do you know when it was produced? And is it normal for it to have kind of a thin, stiff strap?
  6. From what I remember, a lot of Coach in the 80's had the thin straps and like a square buckle to adjust the strap. Does yours have the creed stamped directly on the leather on the inside ?
  7. The creed is stamped on one of the interior flap pockets- it's very faint though.
  8. I don't know if this helps but here are a few more pics:
    Coach Bucket Take 2 001.jpg Coach Bucket Take 2 002.jpg Coach Bucket Take 2 009.jpg Coach Bucket Take 2 007.jpg Coach Bucket Take 2 008.jpg
  9. A couple more (the silver stamping is on the suede backpart of the interior flap pocker):
    Coach Bucket Take 2 006.jpg Coach Bucket Take 2 015.jpg
  10. sorry, everytime i think i have the name of the bag, i keep being brought back to the bags with 2 buckles on the strap, one on each side so I know that is not your bag. I know the creed is faint but can you tell what country the bag was made in ?
  11. I didn't see the link to the other pics !
  12. nevermind i got them thanks. I will get back to you in a few minutes !
  13. I can really only make out "Made in The..." so I'd have to say the US.
  14. Do you own it? Its a very nice style!
  15. If it was made in the us then it was very early ! also since the creed is so faded then that is probably the case. I have found similar ones to yours but they appear to be old but not as old as yours. It is def some type of slim bucket because it is oval and not round. sorry I wish i could help more, I will do more investigating !