Can anyone ID this bag - YSL Small Muse?

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  1. It looks like a muse but it looks small and has a shoulder strap - whatever it is - its gorgeous![​IMG]
  2. another view[​IMG]
  3. It's a YSL from early last year. Called the "Yris Muse." Here is a pic of another member's, Goldensx5, from the YSL subforum...

  4. oh its gorgeous!~ I wonder if its still available anywhere??
  5. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of these around since last summer. But you never know. Might trying calling a few YSL boutiques.
  6. Its called a YSE is it not.

    Maybe post in the YSL forum and you will get more answers there
  7. No, the Yse is a different bag. This is the Yse.


    (Key differences: Muses have the distinctive "Y"-shaped section of leather on the front, and the lock on the front, generally. Yses have the diagonal leather strips in the upper front corners, and the lock on the side.)
  8. I just love that bag! I always thought the Muse was nice but a little too big, but this is perfect!
  9. Well, if you look at the "YSL family pic" posted above of Goldensx5's bags, it is about the same size as her white Muse in medium. Have you tried on the medium Muse?
  10. hi all,

    does anyone know how much this bag costed??

  11. I love that YSE, wonder how much does it cost and if it is still available?:confused1:
  12. It's so pretty I love it :smile:
  13. This bag is TDF. Any idea where to find it?
  14. ^^^As mentioned above, the Yris bags are from early 2006. They sold out by last summer or so, and YSL is not making them anymore.

    However, there was another member who tracked one down last month that was a customer return to Neiman Marcus. You could try calling NM, Saks, YSL boutiques--you might get lucky.
  15. ^^ "bluefly's" got one in ivory right now :cutesy:

    p.s. try the promo code MISSEDYOU14 for a discount