Can anyone ID the Year??? > Chanel 2.55 Classic Double Flap

  1. Can anyone tell me what year this bag is from?

    It is the Medium size, Classic double flap in Black Lambskin

    the serial number is 5193776 if that helps

    I already tried calling the chanel 800# but they said it is definatly older then the collections they store in their computers, which can be 2 years ago or older.

    any ideas what year this bag is from?

    pls let me know!! thanks so much!






  2. Since the hologram number starts with a 5, it is from the year 2000-2001. Since it is a lower 5 number, its probably from 2000.
  3. you guys are freekin sick with your knowledge... i am in awe. thanks so much!!!
  4. Michelle, hmm....the "1" in the hologram sticker doesn't seem to have a horizontal line at the base? I am confused...
  5. It's okay for the 5 series and below. Chanel started to change the font and format of the hologram sticker within the 5 series.
    From the 6 series and higher, up untill today, you will find the underlined #1 on the hologram sticker.
  6. Oh I see.... thanks Master :p
  7. can anyone explain to me how the series runs depending on the seriel code?

    like michele said that the 5 series is from 2000-2001, how do the other numbers run?

    this is all new and interesting to me, thanks!
  8. You're welcome, my dear :cutesy:
  9. Michele and Nathalie are awesome!:yahoo:
  10. Yeap Yeap Yeap, they 'scanned through' the baby cabas and reissue for me....just superb, wonderful ladies!!
  11. Mon, Ditto to you:heart:
  12. i have a black chanel shoulder tote with serial number 0430118 .can you tell me how old this is
  13. 1986-88. I guess
  14. my friend just purchased a second hand 2.55 with the number


    how old is that?