Can anyone ID the Coach watch in this ad?

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  1. I am officially IN love. I know the watch is older but I need to know the name of it and if I can find it anywhere. Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. I love the watch! I wish I could help but I am clueless when it comes to watches by Coach.
  3. Could it be the Whitney watch? They have something like this in the stores now (links are bigger).
  4. Thats the Whitney watch. They don't make this one anymore they have a different one. They had it in antique brass and shiny nickel colors. Its absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to get one but it was $400!!! You can probably check on eBay to see if there are any. I think I saw a couple a few weeks ago.
  5. So it IS the Whitney! I thought it was since it looks really similar to the one in stores now (except the links on this one are a lot larger).

    I've been stalking eBay and I have yet to see one. :sad: Do you think the outlets have them? Is it from last year?
  6. Maybe you can try a Movado outlet - they often have past season Coach watches at decent prices. Also try Nordstrom Rack - they sometimes will have Coach watches.

    Good luck - that is one beautiful watch!