can anyone ID my mystery MJ?

  1. Hi all,

    I purchased this bag probably 10 years ago from a consignor who mostly had things from fashion editors and runway shows--this was before MJ started becoming so hot and I"m wondering if it was a prototype for a bag they didn't make many of since I've never seen one like it since. It's 8.5 inches across the bottom, 6 inches high and 4 inches wide. Thanks for your help!
    mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg
  2. I've never seen this style bag, but it looks so cute! Sort of like a doctor satchel bag? His bags starting coming out in 2000-2001, so perhaps when he was a budding designer he made that bag. What color is it, black or purple?
  3. It's actually burgundy, a lot like the deeper color of the PF banner. I like it because it's small and kind of like MJ's take on the Kelly
  4. wow, that is a small bag! very the shape, style. and i definitely agree it does look like a take on the Kelly. I love the shape. wish he'd make those. :smile: congrats on acquiring a rare gem and for posting.
  5. I think you can email those pics to someone @ MJ and they can help you. I did this last year for one of my mom's bags from his second season. It took about two weeks but someone eventually got back to me. I did it thru the boutique though so try there first.