Can anyone ID Kourtney Kardashians Boots by Chinese Laundry?

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  1. [​IMG]


  2. Thank you, however these are not the same ones. The nevada boots have elastic on the side, Kourtney's are all leather. :sad:
  3. ^ I see what you mean. Hope you'll find the right boots, good luck!
  4. Doesn't Kourt's have elastic on the side? On the last pic you posted, you can see there is elastic on the side.
  5. yes there is elastic on the side
  6. No that is just the line where the boot was sewn together. If you click on the picture and zoom you can see there isn't any elastic.

    I think I have narrowed it down to these two, they look almost identical. I think they may be the Nitro. I was just hoping I could get the correct style name.


    Or the Night Owl
  7. i actually think they are nevada if you look closely at the last pic you posted there is definitly elastic at the top on thr side. You can tell there is two different materials. And also look at the shape the nevada looks more straight up and down instead of the triagle top like the others have. I just think its hard to see the elastic going all the way down because of the lighting and angles of the photos. I think the stock photos are sometimes mis leading. Good luck
  8. I really think these are the Nevada... Shape and elastic give it away.
  9. i agree