Can anyone ID Fergies bag?

  1. I must have searched everywhere and still no idea of the designer... anyone know?

  2. I'm bumping this b/c I'm curious as well...anyone?
  3. I found this article regarding Fergie's purse.

    "Spotted: Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson was spotted by the paparazzi yesterday on the streets of Hollywood while out-and-about stopping at all the hotspot boutiques with her purse that doubles as a punk-chic weapon - the medieval looking spiky Mulberry for Giles collaboration designer Mace keyring.

    The ten piece accessory and handbag line collaboration between Mulberry and Giles took place a few months back and so far I haven’t really seen anyone sporting a purse or accessory from this collection, with the exception of the ferg."
  4. That's really interesting and unique. I think it's really fun looking, but I'd never wear it though haha.
  5. Interesting bag-but not my style. Considering its Mulberry I have not seen anyone with that bag.
  6. That mace keychain would be good for Britney Spears next time she wants to pull one on the paps...more effective than an umbrella I think.