Can anyone ID either one Jennifer Love's white tops?

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  1. I've have been looking FOREVER!!:hysteric:

    Free Prada Fairy bag to anyone who can help!:graucho: J/K!


  2. not sure but they adorable!!! On another note I expect you to find out Keri Russell's purse for me LOL. I'll see if I can find more info on these tops!
  3. LOL!
    I'm on it!
  4. So cute!
  5. sorry i posted what bag that was, i thought you wanted to know what bag that was. i guess i didn't read!
  6. jcrew made a similar one to the 2nd top, it also came in navy and green, but they both remind me of rebecca taylor tops. so you might want to check out rebecca taylor tops, just my two cents though.
  7. wow difficult to tell... i thought it might be ellen tracy...
  8. I searched Rebecca Taylor for about an luck on either one.
  9. BUMP...I'm desperate!

    I know one of you Fashionistas have have one of these tops hanging in your closet!:lol:
  10. maybe vanessa bruno?
  11. I found something similar (kind of a cross between the two). It's by Joie and retails for $89.00 at Nordstrom.

    "Bette" top:

  12. wow...apologies for the huge pic
  13. great find! Looks almost the same :smile:
  14. Thank you!
    it is a total mix of the two tops...that's awesome!
  15. You're welcome :flowers: