Can anyone ID Chloe's Red boots on Keeping up w/The Kardashians

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  1. Chloe wore them on tonights episode. The episode where she went on the speed dates. You could see them really well when she was talking on the phone on her bed. Thanks for any info
  2. I took note to them too...they both were really HOT!, wish I could help you i.d. them:sad:
  3. ^^^thanks anyway....If I find out I'll let you know;)
  4. Bump:flowers:
    I just saw the repeated episode & figured now would be a good time to ask again if anyone knows who makes those TDF red boots:love:
  5. no clue, but I know what your talking about. they were fire.
  6. I'm sure you can ring the shoppe and one of the girls will tell you what they are, and/or order them for you -
    [SIZE=-1](818) 222-4122[/SIZE]
  7. um I watched the episode last week and then again the repeat last night.. I did not even notice the boots.. crap- I am slipping...
    I would love to see pics if anyone could post them..