can anyone ID? chevron top

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  1. I love this blouse... any ideas where to find or designer? TIA!
  2. I've seen it all over Pinterest and it was pinned from a tumblr account and the person who put it on tumblr doesn't know where it came from. Does it jog anyone's memory?

  3. It looks inexpensive. It's probably something from forever21--I know Tobi released a few chevron tops as part of their '30% off new arrivals' recently, that may have been one of them? Sorry I wasn't much help!
  4. Oooh at least we have a brand! I've found it at a few boutiques but it's sold out. I'm still Googling though! I did find that it's $68 and there's a tank just like it for $49.
  5. she kind of looks like Kate Gosslin when she had that haircut