Can Anyone ID BRITS BAG?

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  1. I don't see a bog in either of those pic. I see nikki Hilton and I believe its Alyssa milano neither holding bags?
  2. Really I just clicked on the pic above your post and its B Spears with a green bag. Wonder whats goin on there!
  3. Ditto, no bag
  4. no bag sry :sad:
  5. I see two photos of Britney with a lovely green bag. Strange.
  6. bag for me either
  7. oo haha that is odd. still seein nikki hilton and that one chick from charmed ;)
  8. I see Alyssa Milano - this is weird...can someone who sees Brit copy the image and post it here?
  9. lets see if this works. this might be the bag in reference[​IMG]?
  10. [​IMG]

  11. THank you!! I love this bag! Can anyone tell me who the designer is?
  12. oo it's lovely... have no idea n the designer though :sad:
  13. I don't know the bag...but I love that shade of green!