Can anyone here speak the foreign language FedEx? My 'new' Balenciaga is arriving

  1. Sep 6, 2006 1:11 PM

    In transit

    Package to be cleared by FedEx broker

    Okay, so does this mean that the bag still has to SEE a broker?
    It was supposed to be here at 12pm according to them.
    They got my expectations WAY up!

    Why can't they give me a new ETA?!?! :hysteric:
  2. The broker the the chap who is going to collect duties and taxes on behalf of customs.
  3. So basically my bag has to go and wait to be audited, and then I'll get it?
    AHHHHHHHH.... I HATE that guy!
    He always charges way too much, and then charges me a Broker fee which is SO high.

    He's going to be slow, for sure.

    It's 2 and i'm leaving from 4-6.
    I'm SO going to miss the bag :sad:
  4. Dang Winona, you do always miss the bag!
  5. I know, and I'm a stay-at-home Mom.
    At least this one isn't being sent back to Cali for an incomplete addy!
  6. I'd call Fedex to be sure.