Can anyone help?

  1. I sold my city to someone on eBay. After the bidding ends, she disappeared. She ignored my mails. I tried contacting her so many times. In the end, eBay has to step in and act as a mediater, After which the buyer emails me and says she is still very "interested" in buying the bag which I again welcome. ( Silly Me! I should have learnt my lesson!) Again I send her the invoice. And it was like 10 days ago, again, there was no after reply! Now I am struck!. I don't know whether is it ok to relist my bag now with my kind of situation :confused1:
  2. I would use the unpaid buyer strike so you could get your fees back and then relist the bag. You gave her plenty of time to complete the transaction and it sounds like she is not good at communicating. If there was a hold up she should have emailed you so you would know what is going on. GOOD LUCK!
  3. You are totally within your rights to do as MRG has suggested. Go for it!
  4. Let her and eBay know that since she has not paid, you are relisting...and then relist and block this bidder from bidding on ur auctions! Good luck!
  5. You definitely want to file a non-paying bidder form because otherwise ebay will charge your account a huge selling fee (roughly 3% of the sale price of the bag)
  6. ^^ Yep make sure you get your final value fees back and give her a strike for being such a lousy buyer! Then relist, good luck!
  7. Thank you for all your responses. I think it is just my bad luck. First this irresponsible buyer and stupid ebay for taking off my another Balenciaga pink pony bag auction. I was almost in tears. Sigh!
    Thanks a lot. I will contact Ebay . Muaks :cutesy:
  8. Oooh, that's so frustrating! I've had a rash of non-paying bidders lately, even ones who kept promising to pay and never did-I've gone back and forth for over a week with some!!! It feels like such a time waster! Makes me crazy! :cursing:

  9. yup! and then block that bidder for good! get your money back and relist it! there are plenty of city lovers out there!
  10. Once you have filed the non paying biddr dispute if she does not respond then you can close the dispute in 7-8 days, get your fees back & relist your item, I agree block her!! You can also leave her negative feedback to warn other sellers, if she has not responded to the non paying bidder clain then if she leaves you a negative it will not count!