Can anyone help?

  1. Hello, I am thinkin of getting a chanel 2.55 in black and I love the black patent. How many types are there? Sizes available? Any kind soul has pics? Please help...

    I also dont mind any classic 255 in grey. Do they still carry it and is the leather the same as the one used for Ritz?

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. The new black reissue for Fall is distressed patent same as the Ritz. I'm sure it comes in more than one size. I saw it in black in the size 227 (large) at Neimans this past weekend.

    Chanel didn't do grey classic this year that I can recall.
  3. The gray distressed leather (similar to the ritz) was done last year. It is a real beauty but would probably be very hard to find in stores at this time. Your best bet for that one would be eBay. I have the 227 and love it...I will try to post a picture later when I get home.
  4. Thanks for the reply! So if I go over Europe next week I will still have a good chance of getting the bag? Only in small and large?
  5. Hi Rockerchic, I saw the Ritz in one of the threads and its really nice. Is it caviar or lamb? What does 227 mean and how many sizes? Thanks