Can anyone help?

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  1. Hey y'all

    Does anyone know who the red scull scarf that Lindsay Lohan has tied to her white bag is by??

    I have seen it in on a couple of people, sienna miller, Kate Moss....

    I think it is Alexander McQueen but I cant be sure...

    Any Clues ladeees
  2. Skulls? I'm sure it's Alexander McQueen. Have a pic?
  3. Yeah, Alexander McQueen silk scull scarf is what I heard.

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  4. Its tied to the YSL bag which was in the forum earlier- I cant decide if I like it, I have seen it on a lot of people and I think it is growing on me- although I dont know when I would wear it!

    Its always Nice to have useless things in the wardrobe though!

    Thanks- You have confirmed my suspisions!
  5. Yes, its Alex McQueen. You cn get a very similar version at TopShops vintage section.
  6. I saw the McQueen scarves for sale somewhere very recently. I think it was on YOOX.
  7. Ha! I have been looking for this one:

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  8. I am not sure about the first pic. But the second one resembles what this designer's debut line:sad:ELLE, February 2006)
    Gosh, why can't I attach pics? Something must be wrong..

    Anyway, all the pics are under ELLESHOPS, p120.

    Here is what I googled: (from

    Fri Feb 03, 2006

    Discover New Designers: Thomas Wylde

    Young Hollywood is hot for the neo-goth skull prints in Thomas Wylde’s designs.
    [​IMG]Based out of LA, Thomas Wylde is a specialty fashion line that features the designs and prints of Paula Thomas, a former fashion model and stylist. The name is derived from her Welsh grandfather and her great-grandmother, Robert Thomas and Catherine Wylde. Thomas Wylde clothing has been seen on ultra fashionable celebrities like Sienna Miller and Charlize Theron. Not too shabby for a debut line. The Thomas Wylde look juxtaposes rock and roll skulls prints with free flowing fabric in silk kaftans and chiffon baby-doll dresses. She also embellishes classic rock looks like leather pants and t-shirts with studded skulls. The look is season-less. And just like rock and roll Thomas sees her prints as something that will continue to be poplar through multiple fashion trends and seasons. The look is unique and in serious demand. You can find Thomas Wylde at Maxfield in Los Angeles. If you can’t make it out to LA don’t despair, I also found a few pieces available online at

    Posted by://';l[1]='a';l[2]='/';l[3]='';l[18]='\"';l[19]=' 109';l[20]=' 111';l[21]=' 99';l[22]=' 46';l[23]=' 108';l[24]=' 105';l[25]=' 97';l[26]=' 109';l[27]=' 103';l[28]=' 64';l[29]=' 101';l[30]=' 121';l[31]=' 97';l[32]=' 107';l[33]=' 97';l[34]=' 114';l[35]=' 97';l[36]=' 115';l[37]=':';l[38]='o';l[39]='t';l[40]='l';l[41]='i';l[42]='a';l[43]='m';l[44]='\"';l[45]='=';l[46]='f';l[47]='e';l[48]='r';l[49]='h';l[50]='a ';l[51]='= 0; i=i-1){ if (l.substring(0, 1) == ' ') document.write("&#"+unescape(l.substring(1))+";"); else document.write(unescape(l));}//]]> SheFindsSaraK on Feb 03, 06 - 6:00 pm | Profile

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  9. now it is 99% sure, I guess, since the report also mentioned Sienna Miller :P
  10. Wow- That was quick. Thanks!

    I looked up Thomas Wylde and apparently a lot of people are looking for his stuff and it's way hard to get. Several sites mentioned Lindsey Lohan and Nikki Hilton wearing it- so I'm sure you are correct.
  11. Hmmmm....That kind of pursuit is not bad for a new designer :smile:
  12. If you get one notable celeb to wear your item, you're golden. *sigh*
  13. i wish i had lohans bag collection *sigh*
  14. Jenn,That reminds me of the earlier quote on this forum: "Vanity is my favorite sin" ...LOL
  15. Never mind her! How about Nicole Richie's bag collection? :biggrin: I especially love her Bbag collection!:love: :love: :love:
    I'm sure they pretty much have the same bag collection since they have the same stylist. Rachel Zoe! I would love to raid her closet :nuts: